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Keep Brave #2 zine

$10.00 / Sold Out

Keep Brave is an annual independently published feminist zine that explores the notion of EMPOWERMENT. Last issue we looked into what empowerment meant to us; how it feels to be empowered and disempowered, and how we can hold our own personal power as marginalised people.

In the second issue we explore HONESTY in empowerment. Honesty is key to personal empowerment. It can be uncomfortable and scary to be honest with yourself, with others and with your loved ones but there is also real strength in that vulnerability. This issue uses words and art to discuss our experiences with honesty, vulnerability and power.

Alice Fennessy
Daisy Catterall
Danni Reynolds
Dante Love
Elle Lord
Ellen McCarthy
Eliana Horn
Elly Scrine
E. Tidus
Eva House
Isabella Kotek
Jacqueline Maya
Kamna Muddagouni
Laura Hughes
New Wayfinders
Paula Abul
Sophie Rasic
Supre Schultz
Talia Katz
this mob